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Welcome to Red Hawkins' blog

Red (Ready) Hawkins is a singer-songwriter, whose songwriting style ranges from the a cappella work-gang chantey, to southern Appalachian gospel, the blues, the cowboy waltz, Americana, and alternative rock. is Red's music songwriting and publishing business. For more information about Red's songwriting and publishing, please go to or contact Red directly by e-mailing to

Red is "Ready" for a miracle every day, and welcomes all forms of inspiration. His songs reflect the diverse styles of music he has loved hearing across the course of his half-century of living.

Red's muse goes by various names. When waxing eloquent, Red's muse goes by "Marsha Twain", and holds claim to being related in some ephemeral way to Mark (Samuel C.), the original arbiter of the imponderable deep, the "Twain" himself. At other times, when more modestly helping him stumble through the process of catching emerging lyrics or the chords and melody for a new tune, Red's muse is known simply as "Red Hawkins".

When it comes to his muse, Red don't put no chains on her. He don't try to restrain her, and surely can’t explain her. But he sure does enjoy her company when she shows up. Red applies his best efforts towards expressing the muse through his music. A long time ago he quit worrying that the muse might leave him high and dry, with nothing more to say.

Red hopes you will enjoy hearing the fruits of her labor as much as he enjoys tending the orchard.

Red releases two CDs

Red has been busy writing tunes, and has recently been busy laying down tracks in the studio. Twenty-six of his tunes are now available, on two CDs.

Both CDs are now available at Red's web site:

Red's first CD, titled "Warm Rain and Lightning", is a compilation of studio recordings made during the Fall of 2005 and early Winter 2006. Various pre-publication configurations of the Warm Rain and Lightning compilation have circulated among friends and family. Thirteen of the original fifteen tunes recorded during those sessions have now been re-mixed and/or re-mastered for this release. All the tunes on the Warm Rain and Lightning CD are written by Red. In addition to Red's guitar and vocals, the tunes on Warm Rain and Lightning feature the instrumental talents of Don "Ziggie" Zeitler on various instruments, including guitars, mandolins, banjos, fiddles and bouzouki. For song-by-song comments regarding the thoughts that went into composing the tunes on Warm Rain and Lightning, see the Liner Notes for Warm Rain and Lightning at Red's web site.

Red's second CD, titled "Raw Takes" has thirteen tunes, including eleven tunes written during the Spring and Summer of 2006. It was recorded, mixed and mastered over the summer of 2006 at RedHawkins Studios, Saginaw, MI. With one exception (harmonica by Don Zeitler on one track) all the tracks on Raw Takes are solo performances by Red. For song-by-song comments regarding the tunes from Raw Takes, see the Liner Notes for Raw Takes here at Red's web site.

Red has been back at it, and within days of finishing the two CDs, he has already begun working on new tunes. Stay tuned to for samples of upcoming songs.

See Red Hawkins live

Red was the featured performer at the White Crow Conservatory of Music in Saginaw Michigan, Thursday, September 14, 2006, and has been onstage there several times since then at open mics. Red takes every opportunity to perform at open mics and can often be seen on stage at the White Crow.

For more information about the White Crow Conservatory, see

For booking information regarding Red Hawkins, send e-mail to